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Passion to improve our world through positive actions.
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Not perfect by any means, but we’re all on the sustainability journey together.

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Latest On Sustainable Living

We all use products in our lives. There’s no getting away from this. But there’s no doubt that we can make more sustainable choices for everyday eco living.

So, with sustainable living the goal, take a look at my personal reviews of everyday items to help green up different areas of your life. You can find all of my eco reviews here.

Guides On Green Money

Did you know, the impact of your finances can be your biggest source of carbon emissions? It’s almost a type of hidden emissions that not many people know about. Of course, the banks are happy to keep this secret.

Making more sustainable choices with the banks and financial institutions you use can be huge. This goes for your current account, savings, ISAs and pensions. Learn how you can green up your money today. Find all green money articles here.

Creating An Eco Friendly Kitchen

Kitchens are busy areas of any household. Lots of energy sapping electrical items and environmental impacting products. Learn about making more sustainable choices in your kitchen. You can find more posts on creating an eco friendly kitchen here.

Hello, I’m Ben

And my pal on the picture is Murphy.

My goal is simple: To help you reduce your impact on the environment and live a more sustainable life.

We can achieve this together by making more informed and greener everyday choices.

I’m passionate about our natural world and committed to sharing the very best information, insights and inspiration on all things sustainability and eco friendly living.

Together we can make a positive difference.

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